‘Talk with your work – it speaks volumes‘

Guy De Waen


I am Guy De Waen and I have more than one facet. I am a hairdresser, a trainer, a Schwarzkopf International Ambassador, founder of my own academy and a creative with an insatiable appetite for everything to do with hair!


There were two hair salons in the street I grew up on and every day I would find new reasons to pass by and glimpse inside – I was 6 years old and had professional school admission essay writing found my vocation. No-one in my family had their own business or creative ambitions so I challenged many preconceptions to succeed.


My formal training as a hairdresser was set against a backdrop of the MTV generation and the exciting boom of New Wave music in Belgium – both of which fuelled my experimental impulse to push the boundaries of what is possible with hair.

Antwerp, the fashion capital of Belgium, is my hometown and it’s renowned for combining originality with accessible ideas that work in a real environment. This ethos influences my work even today, as I continually seek new ideas and techniques to inspire my students and attract new clients.


My life is a dynamic mix of roles, each of which enhances the others, with a common thread of excellence throughout. I travel the world educating professionals at all levels and then, when I come home, my academy Hairrevolution, demands my undivided attention. I am also invited to be part of incredible teams in live shows and am continually learning new things, passing on fresh inspiration and growing professionally – what more could I wish for?



1970 born in Belgium

1984-88 Basic training

1988+ Further courses at renowned hairdressers in the UK, France & Germany

1999 Opened Hairrevolution, my own Academy in Antwerp

Began working with Schwarzkopf Professional

My first Essential Looks & collaboration with Tyler Johnston

2005 Appointed Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador for Belgium

2006 Work with Tyler on EL photo-shoots & collection launches

2007-2009 Shows, seminars & masterclasses in Europe & Russia

2009 Appointed BeNeLux Ambassador Schwarzkopf Professional

2012 Essential Looks World Launch Barcelona – main stage

2013 International breakthrough shows & seminars in Berlin, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany. Invested in the total restyling of my Hairrevolution Academy.

2014 Appointed Schwarzkopf Professional International Ambassador