Tailored Solutions

‘The definition of a great teacher is how they improve the skills of their least talented students’

I offer tailored solutions to all my clients. Because each individual or group has very particular needs, I flex what I do every time to meet and exceed their expectations.

With every booking I collaborate with the country or event manager, so I can tailor my message to their country or region. Then I demonstrate and explain every detail, checking that each member of the group understands before moving on. This ensures I instil confidence in each student that both knowledge and techniques can be put straight to work.

Every aspect of my teaching is built upon a bedrock of alomst 30 years’ personal experience so it’s all second nature – and I think this shines through.

I specialise in precision hair cutting with great attention to detail. I convey this in an instantly accessible and inspiring way, bringing my messages to life using tablets, cameras and mixed media. Yet, as professional success depends on putting creative skills in a commercial context, I also help my clients develop communication and consultation skills.

My varied clients include students, hairdressers at all levels, salon managers, technical assistants, audiences at shows and seminars, trainers for Schwarzkopf Professional and academies worldwide.

See bookings for shows or seminars, or contact us for tailored solutions that fit your needs.