The Academy


In 1999 I founded Hairrevolution, my own teaching academy in Belgium.

I started teaching five students in a basement three days a week and quickly created an intimate style that met their needs, answered their questions and conveyed my passion.

Offering a unique mix of the technical, social and commercial, students work on blockheads, live models and clients to hone all the skills they need for success.

Today, I teach seminars, masterclasses and tailored courses all over the world from Europe and Russia to China and Brazil, yet my ‘up close’ style remains the same. Even on the biggest stages I always share my expertise and insight in an immediate and accessible way.

Kappersopleiding Antwerpen

  • Guy is a fantastic artist with a very warm character, so although the training is intense it’s interesting too.
    Geoffrey Lemmens Student @ Hairrevolution Academy
  • He helps you overcome insecurities and develop your own ideas! And, because he’s so modest, he probably doesn’t realise he changed my life forever.
    Michelle Tonnaer Student @ Hairrevolution Academy
  • Guy’s up-to-the-minute techniques and passion for hairdressing help push you to new limits and fine-tune your skills.
    Sharon Van Rumbeke Student @ Hairrevolution Academy
  • The groups are kept small to maximize our potential while one-on-one sessions help reinforce everything we learn.
    Peter Bellemans Student @ Hairrevolution Academy